Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Yes, dogs can eat apples. Moderate amounts of the flesh of the apple are safe for your dog to eat and apples are tasty and healthy treats for dogs. They offer vitamin C and fiber [...]

Are Nuts Dangerous For Dogs?

Dogs shouldn’t eat nuts. Certain types of nuts can contain toxic substances and induce an upset stomach or an intestinal obstruction in the dog’s gastrointestinal tract. These scenarios can lead to emergency surgery and unpredicted [...]

Can Dogs Eat Pasta?

Yes, dogs can eat pasta. However, cooked pasta will not provide any benefit to your dog. It is made from flour and water, and sometimes eggs. All of these ingredients are safe for dogs. You [...]

7 Dangerous Christmas Foods

Christmas is a wonderful and joyful time for families and their pets. Though, due to current events and constant entertainments, some potential threats to dogs can easily be unnoticed. The following food items are toxic [...]

Is Popcorn Healthy For Dogs?

Dogs can eat plain popcorn. In moderate amounts, popcorn is a healthy food for dogs. It contains dietary fiber, which aids digestion. It’s low in calories and dogs love it. Popcorn is also a source [...]

Senior Dog Food & Nutrition

Better health care, nutrition, and genetic background have added to an increased life span in dogs. The goals of nutrition in the senior dog are: Diminish the signs of aging Slow metabolic processes related [...]

Is Milk Healthy For Dogs?

"Can dogs drink milk?" or "Is milk safe for dogs?" These are among the most frequently asked questions made by dog owners. Many dogs suffer from lactose intolerance. However, if your dog isn’t intolerant to [...]