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Dogs shouldn’t eat nuts.

Certain types of nuts can contain toxic substances and induce an upset stomach or an intestinal obstruction in the dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

These scenarios can lead to emergency surgery and unpredicted veterinary expenses.

Additionally, the shells of nuts are associated with the risk of tearing gastrointestinal tissue as they move through the dog’s digestive tract.

The majority of nuts have high quantities of fats.

The fats can induce vomiting and diarrhea, and potentially pancreatitis in dogs.

can dogs eat nuts

Lots of commercially-available nuts are also wrapped with salt and other chemicals, which can lead to dehydration or even be poisonous to dogs.

Acceptable Nuts

  • Peanuts (removed from their shells, and unsalted)
  • Cashews (only cooked or roasted)
  • Hazelnut (in small dogs break it into little pieces because there is a choking risk)”]

Bad Nuts

  • Almonds (cause upset stomach and gastric intestinal distress)
  • Walnuts (contain mycotoxins)
  • Macadamia nuts (cause upset stomach, pancreatitis, neurologic symptoms)
  • Pecans (cause gastric intestinal upset or an obstruction)
  • Pistachios (cause upset stomach, pancreatitis)
  • Hickory Nuts (cause gastric intestinal upset or an intestinal obstruction)”]

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*Disclaimer: We are not vets nor animal nutritionists. Please consult with your own veterinarian when choosing and/or trying new foods.*