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In this video, The Gone to The Snow Dogs Channel presents a delicious doggie pancakes recipe. Dogs love breakfast too and who doesn’t love pancakes topped with fruit?

Let your dogs join in on breakfast fun with these Doggy pancakes.


In a small bowl you are going to mix together:
– Two eggs
– One cup of milk (in alternative you can use coconut milk)
– One and a half tablespoons of coconut oil
– One tablespoon of honey

After you mix all the ingredients together, you’ll need:
– One cup of whole wheat flour
– Half a cup of all-purpose flour
– One teaspoon of baking powder
– Half a teaspoon of cinnamon

Now, you should mix all the flours together and take all the wet ingredients and slowly whisk them into the dry ingredients. And basically, you’re going to end up with pancake batter.

Now comes the fun part… To make the pancakes!

After cooking take the pancakes and put a couple of fresh strawberries and bananas on it.

The Siberian Huskies, Shelby, Memphis, and Oakley just love them!

We hope you enjoyed this fun treat video of pancakes for the dogs.

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